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Above Sky

Where Spirits Soar with Angels and Demons

Home of the Above Sky Household
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All Members
This is a community open to all twenty-something members of the Above Sky household. The only requirement to be in this community is to live within house or curtilage surrounding it (for the outdoorsy types). Things posted here will likely cover all things from carpooling to dirty sock escapades to that time, when we did that thing, you know... a week or three ago..... and we still have to do the dishes from it....

The interests listed below reflect a collaboration of the whole household, hence the... diversity.
alfredo, amvs, angels, animals, anime, art, ascetic lifestyle, assisted suicide, audioslave, bedroom toys, beef stew pot, being a bitch, birds, bmb, bondage, books, capital punishment, cats, cats the musical, cheese, cheese demons, classical music, cleaning, clouds, coi fish, collin, comfortable armchairs, cooking, credendo vides, cyanide, dancing, demons, dn angel, drawing, eiri yuki, fae, faerie princess days, fake, filet mignon, final fantasy x, finches, fire, flcl, flowers, friendly hostility, fruits basket, gackt, gazette, geeky things, gerbils, go, gooshy food, goth clubs, gravitation, great teacher onizuka, guitarists, h! project, handcuffs, haru, hating people, hatsaharu, healing, heavy metal, hellsing, hiking, iceman, ignoring people, iron chef, japan, jim henson, judicial murder, juno reactor, keyboardists, keyboards, kill me kiss me, kink, knives, kyo, kyou, looking for a band, maki murakami, making music, making people cry, manga, matches, mice, mindless self indulgence, mini moni, morning musume, mountains, musicals, my chemical romance, naono bohra, negative euthanasia, o-zone, paganism, painting, phantom of the opera, photography, piers anthony, playing god, poetry, rain, rammstein, ramune, reading, recycling, renaissance, rin, rock, ryuichi sakuma, s&m, saiyuki, sculpting, shrimp, shuichi shindou, singing, snow, snowflakes, sparring, strawberry pocky, sunlight through windows, sunrise, swimming, switchblade symphony, swords, synthesizers, system of a down, tea, techno, the environment, the flaming lips, the seeker, the smell of books, tomaso albinoni, torture, trigun, twelve girls band, tybalt, van gogh, violin, violin music, wild flowers, wish, yamane ayano, yami no matsuei, yoga, your and my secret, zeromancer, zoid models