Adrian/Sparky (and many variations thereof) (spastiksparky) wrote in lifeabovesky,
Adrian/Sparky (and many variations thereof)


Jenny's sick, but she'll be picking us up outside of walker at 2:45 today! though... i probably could have just told you XD

  • Kat

    I was wondering if there was any possible way for you to pay Kyle back for the smores before he leaves this afternoon. I know you don't get off work…

  • Nani?

    I'm at the library because no one was at Earthfare. Jenny, where are you? We still have to get s'ghetti stuff and marshmallows for tonight...o_o;;;

  • Work schtuff

    Hey, I actually get off work at 5 today; I told Jenny this morning that I got out at 2. Didn't realize it was Friday. *shakes head sadly* So I'll…

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