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Eh, a bit of a late notice [May. 12th, 2006|01:11 am]
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[mood |sleeeeepy]
[music |something with Stevie Nicks (Hold Me)]

Hey, just so you guys know, I'll be home tomorrow around 10-11am. Turns out Steven (new roomie) can't have our cats meet on Friday (got the email all of 3 minutes ago), but I've already arranged for Matt & his grandpa to drive me home tomorrow (this?) morning, so I'll be home early (which was originally arranged so that I could meet with S. and his cat in the afternoon).

Just so... you know... you don't scare the old guy with religious naked time or whatnot. He probably won't be coming in, but... eh. Murphy's Law and whatnot.

Behold, for it is now officially bed time. *falls into guest bed and promptly drifts off to dream land*